hyped up

hyped up
excited, anxious, overwrought, stimulated, stirred, exhilarated, thrilled, elated, in high spirits, enthusiastic, eager, moved, beside yourself, animated, worked up, wrought-up, agitated, restless, frantic, frenzied, wild
COLLOQ. high, on the edge of your seat, on tenterhooks, thrilled to bits, uptight, hyper, fired up

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hyped up
1. Artificially stimulated
2. Highly excited
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Main Entry:hype

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hyped up UK [ˌhaɪpt ˈʌp] US adjective informal
feeling very excited and nervous
Thesaurus: feeling interested and excitedsynonym

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ˌhyped ˈup [hyped up] adjective (informal)
(of a person) very worried or excited about sth that is going to happen

She gets really hyped up about job interviews.

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